Pennsylvania Turnpike toll scofflaws have been warned.

If 10,611 drivers with six or more outstanding violations or unpaid tolls that totaled $500 or more don't pay their overdue violations by Aug. 4, they risk having their vehicle registration suspended under a law that goes in effect that day.

But if they pay up now, the state will grant partial amnesty, the Turnpike Commission announced.

The commission sent a letter to the offenders who repeatedly ignored past collection attempts and who are in imminent risk to let them know they will waive additional fees under the new amnesty program. Drivers with fewer overdue fines can also take advantage of the plan.

A total of 280,855 violation notices were mailed, or more than 26 letters per scofflaw, the commission said.

Pennsylvania Turnpike scofflaws have racked up $17.1 million in fines, the commission stated.

Montgomery County tops the list with the most number of violations and invoices mailed to motorists, 60,687. Rounding out the top three counties are Bucks with 44,080, and Philadelphia with 32,307. Chester County ranks seventh in the state with 13,400 and Delaware County eighth with 12,423.