Villanova University is about to lose two favorite off-campus hot spots.

Erin Pub and Maloney's Pub — dive bars located doors apart on Lancaster Avenue — both announced on their Facebook pages that they will close this summer.

"It is with a heavy heart that we announce after over 40 years serving the Bryn Mawr community and our Villanova, Bryn Mawr college, and Rosemont (among others) families, we will be closing our doors for good this summer," Erin Pub posted.

"It is with two very heavy hearts that we are announcing that Maloney's Pub will be closing its door this summer," proprietors Mike and Sean Maloney posted on their Facebook page. "This is not something we want to do, but certain circumstances and certain groups have created a situation that has made remaining open increasingly difficult."

The post did not expand upon those "certain circumstances and certain groups," and efforts to reach the bars were not immediately successful.

Customers reminisced on social media about fake IDs, meeting up with friends and future spouses, big events and "drunken" walks back to the college through the nearby McDonald's drive-in.

Say it’s not so!” John Asta posted on Erin Pub’s page.

I celebrated my 21st birthday at Erin Pub. I will miss it. Thanks for the memories,” Sean Donovan posted.

“We will never forget the Giants winning 2012 World Series and jumping on the bar,” Sophie De Lancie posted on Maloney’s page.

As one of those couples who met at your bar, this is the saddest news to read. Especially on the eve of our 10th wedding anniversary!!! I don’t even know what to say. We love you guys. My heart is broken ��SSean Maloney Mike Maloney and KO. We will always have the best memories!!” posted Heather Daniels.

The last days for Maloney's Pub will be in early July, the owners wrote. Erin Pub will close later this summer.

"There have been many marriages that have resulted from people meeting at Maloney's and many, many friendships were formed along the way! And of course, the two Championships we all celebrated together, 2009 Football and 2016 Basketball (Maloney's South in Louisville); and we will never forget when the Women's Basketball team defeated UConn in 2003 to break their 70 game winning streak," Maloney's posted on Facebook.

"Thank you to everyone who made this pub a favorite hangout through the years. C'mon down and relive your favorite times here, get a picture, get a memorial mug, get a drink one last time before it's gone. We will miss you all," Erin Pub posted.