Driver rescued by Good Samaritans after car crashes into water in Montco

Good Samaritans came to the rescue of a man who lost control of his car, which then plunged into a pond Tuesday afternoon in Upper Merion Township.

The unidentified man, described as in his late 30s or early 40s, was taken to a hospital after the accident at the three-way intersection at Croton and Warner Roads.

Vehicles driven by Kemp Littlepage and Bill Bostic were at the stop signs at opposite sides of Warner Road when a black Lexus entered the intersection at high speed, hit a guide rail, and was launched 40 feet into the air before crashing into the water.

“It was like something from a movie,” Bostic said.

Littlepage, 70, who said he swims a mile a day at the nearby Martin’s Dam Swim Club, was the first into the water and found the driver foaming at the mouth and incoherent. Littlepage, of Devon, struggled to get the door open and release the man’s seat belt. The driver’s hands were rigidly gripping the steering wheel.

Bostic, 49, of Gulph Mills, who runs a construction management company, followed Littlepage and went to the front passenger door. The window was open just enough for Bostic to get his arm in and open the door. His son Josh, 18, followed and attempted to break open the rear window.

As the car quickly sank, Bostic climbed inside and tried to pull the driver free.

“He was gargling the water as I was trying to pry his hands off the wheel,” Bostic said.

Littlepage, who was trying to hold the driver’s chin above the water, was able to release the seat belt. Bostic then dragged the driver outside. By then the car was almost underwater.

The rescuers brought the driver to the shore. The driver was conscious but unable to communicate. Emergency responders stayed on scene to search the car and water, but Bostic said he was certain no one else was inside.

Both men, who had just met in the water, exchanged phone numbers before leaving the scene.