Eagles fan gets Nick Foles tattoo to honor team & Super Bowl win

Teddy Munz, (left) 38, of Blackwood, N.J., kept a promise to get a tattoo of Nick Foles if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. He attended Thursday's parade with friends.

Teddy Munz is an ultimate Eagles fan.

Less than 24 hours after the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to capture their first Super Bowl title, Munz got a tattoo inked on his leg depicting quarterback Nick Foles with the Lombardi Trophy.

Camera icon Teddy Munz
Teddy Munz, 38, of Blackwood, Camden County, kept a promise to get a tattoo of Nick Foles if the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

For Munz, 38, of Blackwood, Camden County, it was a promise kept that he made in December when starting quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a season-ending injury and Foles became the starter. If the Eagles win the Super Bowl with Foles, Munz posted on Facebook, he would get a Foles tattoo. There was one catch: His Facebook friends had to pay for the tattoo.

“A bunch of people jumped in and said they would chip in,” Munz said in a text message. “As they kept progressing, people kept checking in on FB with me.”

After the Eagles’ stunning 41-33 victory, friends began asking Munz if he planned to get the tattoo in honor of Foles, named MVP of the Super Bowl. Munz, a high school English teacher in Willingboro, set a 5 p.m. Monday deadline for his friends to donate to his tattoo campaign.

Munz said a dozen friends put up $400 for the tattoo. He went to the Dead Sparrow Tattoo in Clementon, where artist Mike Oliver spent about four hours Monday night working on the tattoo on his left calf.

A lifelong Eagles fan, Munz has more than 30 tattoos on his body. The Foles tattoo is the first with a sports theme.

“This was too good to pass up,” Munz said.

Despite the frigid temperatures Thursday, Munz donned shorts (green, of course) to join the throng in Philadelphia for the Super Bowl parade to show off his tattoo.

The story of the tattoo has gone viral, and Munz has become a social-media sensation with sports talkers from ESPN to Steve Harvey. Fellow die-hard fans love the tattoo. Munz has taken some ribbing about the artist’s rendition — the football is pointing in the wrong direction. He has responded with good humor.

“I’m not sweating the fact that Picasso didn’t rise from the dead to deliver a flawless work of art,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “Loosen  up and laugh a little. Go Eagles! Go Nick Foles.”