Camden County adult bookstore allegedly sold sex in back room

An adult bookstore in Camden County is shuttered and an employee is facing charges after a police raid allegedly revealed sex acts were being performed in a back room that customers could access for a fee.

The Berlin News Agency, located on Route 73 in Berlin Township, was shut down Friday due to fire and health code violations, according to a news release from the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

Law enforcement recovered more than $27,000 during the raid, which followed six months of investigation.

Police said employee Paul Perkins, 41, would collect cash from customers in return for access to the rear portion of the shop.

Perkins is also accused of sending customers notifications, online and through a smartphone app, alerting them that a woman would be present in the back room of the store.

Since the Berlin News Agency is in a quasi-public area and is not a club with membership fees, payment for access to sexual activity is illegal, according to investigators.

Management also allegedly lacked the ability to monitor the store’s rear areas by line of sight or by using security cameras, as is required by law.

Perkins was released on his own recognizance Friday after being charged with promoting prostitution and maintaining a nuisance.

The investigation into the business is ongoing, authorities said.

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