A nun on the run in South Jersey? No, just a sister selling calendars

A Facebook posting from police said: "The subject appears to be dressing as a nun." It turned out she was a nun, selling calendars.

A South Jersey police department alerted residents that a "suspicious person" dressed as a nun was soliciting donations.

The Hammonton Police Department issued a warning Wednesday after it was notified that the culprit was walking around town soliciting donations for different causes. It asked residents to contact police if they spotted the person.

"The subject appears to be dressing as a nun," the department posted on its Facebook page. A photo with the post showed a smiling woman in a blue habit with a large white cross emblazoned on her cape.

By Wednesday afternoon, police determined that "the suspicious person" was in fact a nun from Quebec, police said.

"The subject poses no threat to the community at this time," the department said.

Her identity was confirmed after the woman was spotted in Mays Landing and residents contacted Hamilton Township police, said Hammonton Police Capt. Mark Fiorentino.

Fiorentino said someone wrote down the woman's license-plate number and authorities were able to confirm her identity through her driver's license photograph.

"She is in a habit," he said. "Not too many people take pictures [for their license] in a habit."

The nun, whose name was not released, apparently failed to obtain a permit to solicit donations, Fiorentino said. She was selling calendars, he said.

Fiorentino blamed the mix-up on overzealous social-media followers.

"Now I know what I'll be for Halloween," one person posted on Facebook. "Trick or treat, lol."


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