Snake on loose at Shore ID'd as escaped boa constrictor

A red tail boa. (File Photo)

A snake that was spotted eating a seagull in a tree in Cape May County last month has been identified as an escaped red tail boa constrictor.

Officials say the snake is about six-feet long and does not pose a threat to people, preferring amphibians, rodents, rabbits and birds for its diet.

"The bottom line is that people don't have to be afraid," Lower Township Manager Mike Voll told

When the first sightings of the snake were reported, police said they did not know it was a boa or a python.

Officials, who did not identify the Villas resident who owns the boa, said the snake escaped while its aquarium was being cleaned and it was let out for exercise.

The species is sold at pet stores nationwide and it is not illegal to own one in New Jersey.

The Lower Township Police Department asked residents who see the snake to contact call them at 609-886-2711 .