Burlco bear wanders into Mansfield, stops for snacks

A black bear that has wandered harmlessly through much of Burlington County in recent weeks spent midday Thursday snacking on the contents of several bird feeders at an adult community in Mansfield before moving on late in the day.

Mansfield police said that around 8 p.m. it departed the Homestead adult development, where it had spent most of the afternoon, and made its way via Petticoat Bridge Road through the Country Walk development. It was last seen traveling east through a field near the intersection of Columbus and Petticoat Bridge Roads.

Police cautioned residents to keep their distance from the animal. There are no plans to capture it unless there is an incident.

The bear is thought to be the same one spotted Wednesday evening near the Tarnsfield Swim Club in Westampton. There have also been bear sightings recently in Evesham and Mount Laurel. - David O'Reilly