German-American businessman criticized over racial comments

BERLIN (AP) - A German-American businessman is being criticized for favorably describing U.S. President Donald Trump as a politician who "has recognized the white population needs to stand together."

Hans Juergen Naumann, the CEO of international machine tool maker NSH Group, offered the assessment in an interview Saturday with German daily Freie Presse. NSH has subsidiaries around the world, including Sterling Heights, Michigan.

He told the newspaper: "In contrast to many European politicians, Donald Trump has recognized the white population needs to stand together."

The 81-year-old added that "African-Americans won't voluntarily submit to any restrictions" and should therefore be drafted into the military.

Naumann sits on the council of Germany's Chemnitz University of Technology. The minister for science in Saxony state, Eva-Maria Stange, criticized his comments as having a "clear racist tone."

NSH declined comment Thursday.

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