11 killer whales freed after being locked in by ice

There were 11 killer whales that had been locked in by ice in a Canadian bay. A change in current apparently opened up a path from the Hudson Bay to the sea, which was 25 miles away.

“They are free. They are no longer here. When there is a new moon, the water current is activated. It could have helped … completely trap them, but in this case it caused an open passage out to the open water,” he told NBC News, adding that they probably freed themselves overnight. “It was mother nature that helped them. ... They are no longer icelocked.”

Petah Inukpuk, mayor of the Inuit village in Quebec near where the whales were trapped, said that a scout went out to check on the animals at about 8 a.m. But, the scout noted that this exact thing had happened to all 11 whales:

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[h/t NBC News]