Friday, December 19, 2014

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BOSTON - Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev returned to court yesterday for the first time since he was arraigned in July 2013, and he received a shout of encouragement from the mother-in-law of a man who was shot and killed while being questioned by law enforcement after the bombings.
BILLIONAIRE INVESTOR Carl Icahn is pledging $20 million to keep Atlantic City's Taj Mahal casino open indefinitely. In a letter obtained yesterday by the Associated Press, Icahn promised Trump Entertainment Resorts that he will provide enough money to keep the casino open throughout bankruptcy proceedings.
PENNSYLVANIA LAWMAKERS' willingness to stop taking gifts from lobbyists, state contractors and other people who want to influence state government is about to be tested.
TRENTON - The roller-coaster ride that was Carl Icahn on Thursday extended to the halls of the Statehouse. It was a long afternoon in which the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and the package of bills to help save it and the resort city were on many minds.
PITTSBURGH - Giving frail, older residents of long-term care facilities a high-dose flu vaccine produces a significantly better immune response than a regular flu shot, a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study has found.
WASHINGTON - By the start of next school year, the federal government plans to rate colleges on access, affordability and student outcomes - possibly relying on graduates' employment and earnings data.
LOS ANGELES - Ornithologist Henry Streby was happy enough that a song bird weighing less than two nickels managed to carry a tiny electronic sensor from Tennessee to Colombia and back.
SYDNEY (AP) - Eight dead children and a woman suffering from stab wounds were found inside a home in a northern Australian city on Friday, police said.
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - Islamic extremists killed 35 people and kidnapped at least 185 in an attack near the town where nearly 300 schoolgirls were taken hostage in April, witnesses said Thursday.
WASHINGTON - Congress and President Obama this week halted a 35-year ban on federal abortion assistance for Peace Corps volunteers with their approval of a government spending bill.
REDONDO BEACH, Calif. - Pedestrians were filing out of a church Christmas service when a car sped around other vehicles at a red light and plowed into the crowd before hitting another car head-on, police and witnesses said. Three people were killed, and several more were injured, California authorities said.
BAGHDAD (AP) - Iraqi authorities say bombings have killed 11 people in the capital Baghdad.
TERNATE, Indonesia (AP) - A volcano in eastern Indonesia erupted Friday, spewing towering clouds of hot ash into the air and leaving four hikers injured and one missing when they scrambled to safety, an official said.
LONDON (AP) - Britain is moving closer to allowing female soldiers to take a role in close combat on the front lines.
WARSAW, Poland (AP) - A spokeswoman for a Catholic university in southern Poland says it has bestowed an honorary doctorate on Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel in recognition of his efforts to reveal the full evil of the Holocaust and defend human dignity.
LONDON (AP) - Mandy Rice-Davies, a key figure in Britain's biggest Cold War political scandal, the "Profumo Affair," has died. She was 70.
ATHENS, Greece (AP) - A lawmaker from a small right-wing party claims someone attempted to bribe him to vote in favor of electing Greece's new president.
MADRID (AP) - Spanish police have cordoned off streets around the headquarters of the ruling conservative Popular Party and are searching for possible explosives after a man rammed his car into the building.
BEIJING (AP) - A Chinese psychological clinic has been ordered to pay compensation to a gay man who sued it for administering electric shocks intended to make him heterosexual.
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) - Sri Lanka's main opposition presidential candidate says the country cannot be charged with war crimes in the International Criminal Court, but he will launch a domestic inquiry if he wins a January election.
BERLIN (AP) - German consumer confidence is continuing to improve, supported by expectations of increasing economic strength and a greater willingness to make purchases.
BRUSSELS (AP) - Hundreds of farmers and trade unionists are protesting in Brussels against negotiations to set up a trans-Atlantic free trade zone, which they fear will leave them out in the cold at the expense of big multinationals.
HONG KONG (AP) - A Hong Kong jury found a billionaire property developer and a former top government official guilty of corruption after a high profile trial.
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) - For the third time in just two months, Tunisian voters will head to the polls this weekend, this time to elect a president in a runoff vote that presents a stark choice between the country's past and its Arab Spring revolution.
BEIJING (AP) - Chinese state media say a Beijing court has sentenced a former employee of the Forbidden City to be executed for stabbing two of his supervisors to death on the museum's grounds.