Police seek to ID body found off Avalon

New Jersey state police are asking for help in identifying the body of an Asian male found Monday morning off the shore of Avalon.

A captain of a vessel traveling from the Bahamas to Connecticut reported seeing the body floating in the ocean about a mile from Townsends Inlet. The body was recovered by the Coast Guard and State Police Marine Services.

The victim, who was carrying no identification, was described as 50- to 65-years-old, with a slight build, wearing black dress pants and a grey thermal long sleeve shirt under a blue button-down shirt. He had an artificial dental prosthesis on his lower bite and no teeth on his upper bite.

Investigators believe he may have been swept away in the outgoing tide, a state police spokesman said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police at (609) 610-4025 or (609) 522-0393.