N. Phila. robbery victim impaled on rebar, cops seek 3 males

Police are searching for three or four males who they say robbed a 38-year-man then threw him into a SEPTA construction site, impaling him on a piece of rebar.

A witness called police about 12:45 a.m. Sunday to report the incident, a police spokeswoman said.

According to police, the men chased their victim down Broad Street, then beat and robbed him.  After rummaging through his pockets, they picked him up and tossed him into the site on the 5700 block of N. Broad Street.

The man fell onto iron rebar which pierced his abdomen, near his stomach.

The assailants fled north on Broad Street.

The victim was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center where he was rushed into surgery.  He was in stable condition as of this afternoon.