Cops: S.J. man claimed attack by machete-wielding man 'for the excitement'

A South Jersey man who this morning claimed he had been chased by a masked man wielding a machete later admitted he had fabricated the story "for the excitement" and was charged with making a false report, police said.

Lester R. Abrams Jr., 18, of Delanco, told Medford Township Police he had been the victim of an attempted assault on Hawkins Road shortly before 4 a.m. as he delivered newspapers. New Jersey state  troopers were called in to assist local police in the futile search for the masked man.

Abrams, in an interview with detectives, later admitted he made up the story. In addition to a count of making a false report, Abrams was charged with making a false public alarm and abuse of the 911 system. He was released pending a hearing in Burlington County Superior Court.