A.C. inspector pleads to taking bribes

A former Atlantic City inspector pleaded guilty today to corruption charges for accepting cash bribes from operators of taxis, massage parlors, and “stress therapy centers,” said state officials.

Logan F. Holt Jr., 55, of Galloway Township, worked for the Atlantic City Department of Licenses and Inspections for a decade until February 2012. 

In pleading guilty to a charge of official misconduct, Holt admitted to accepting more than $1,000 in bribes from taxi operators in 2010. In return for the bribes, Holt arranged to have tickets dismissed and allowed an operator’s cab to pass an annual vehicle inspection, said Peter Aseltine, a spokesman for the state Division of Criminal Justice.

State prosecutors said that Holt also accepted cash from several “stress therapy” and massage parlors for turning a blind eye to alleged violations of city ordinances.

The New Jersey State Police Official Corruption Bureau conducted the investigation.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Holt is expected to be sentenced to five years in prison and will be permanently barred from public employment.