Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Vernon retires from Delco SPCA duty


Vernon retires from SPCA role

MEDIA Over the years, Bill Vernon has been a champion for animals that have suffered horrific abuse.

On Thursday, the Delaware County Humane Society police officer for the Delco SPCA retired after 25 years on the job.

Vernon is widely praised for helping Precious and Curious George, two neglected and starving pit bulls, and Van Gogh, the puppy whose ears were cut off, along with thousands of other animals.

He often sought first to counsel owners to correct problems with their pets before he resorted to taking the animals away.

"I would say the thing that separated me from some other officers in Pennsylvania is that I saw my job first as a prevention role, with the ability to intervene as necessary," Vernon said in a statement.

Vernon will be available as needed to help with cases that require prosecution, the shelter said.

Ron Riggle will take over as the one full-time Delco SPCA humane investigator.

- Mari Schaefer

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