Monday, August 4, 2014
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Blizzard of calls to Montco center


Snow swamps emergency call center, with more bad weather on the way

NORRISTOWN As the snow piled up Monday, so did calls to Montgomery County's emergency center - 2,600 total, or about 1,000 more than normal - and forecasts suggest about 100 percent chance of thousands more over the next several days.

The county tallied 270 reports of motor-vehicle accidents and 466 of disabled vehicles, and emergency personnel were dispatched to 2,054 incidents Monday, said county spokesman Frank Custer. "I am extremely proud of our team," said Commissioners Chairman Josh Shapiro.

Commissioners were bracing for an ice storm that threatened to cause widespread power outages and travel disruptions on Wednesday. The county has 400 tons of road salt on hand after using 200 tons on Monday, and plans to offer some of its supplies to local public-works departments that have shortages.

Forecasters warn that another snowstorm is possible Sunday.

- Carolyn Davis

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