Devil's in the details: Accused shoplifter left purse behind

When the devil told Jeanne Jones to rob a Burlington County Walmart on Monday night, she should have questioned his motives or at least asked for bail money if she got caught.

Jones, 22, of Palmyra, told police that the "devil got into her" when she fled a Cinnaminson Walmart on Monday, after walking out with $266.19 worth of shoplifted goods and a gift card for exchanged items she had never bought.

The devil really got into Jones when she assaulted a female loss-prevention officer who witnessed the incident on the store's security cameras and tried to stop her as she left, police said.

As Jones took off in her car, however, the downfall to her devilish scheme was sitting in the parking lot. Police said that she dropped her pocketbook while roughing it up with Walmart security. In it was her driver's license.

"People like that keep me employed," said Detective Sgt. William Covert, of the Cinnaminson Police Department.

Shortly after fleeing, police said, Jones began calling the Walmart, making vague inquiries into the lost pocketbook.

"First she was saying something happened to her sister at the store; then she admitted it was her but apologized," Covert said. "She said the devil got into her."

Police eventually spoke with Jones over the phone and said that she was very matter- of-fact about her predicament and agreed to surrender.

"She said, 'What am I going to be charged with and what's my bail going to be?' " Covert said.

She was charged with robbery, theft and shoplifting, and her bail was set at $5,000.

During processing at the police station, police said that Jones told them that "the devil must be in the air and that she does not want to do bad things."

Covert said Jones had taken her filled shopping cart to customer service instead of the checkout line and returned items she hadn't paid for yet. The store gave her a gift card, and she walked out with the cart.

"We're not talking rocket science here," he said.

Last month, a man who used counterfeit bills to post bail in Cinnaminson was re-arrested when he returned to the police station asking for a refund.