Street sets an example by going somewhat green

At an event staged to publicize Philadelphia's upcoming Earth Week observances, Mayor Street revealed that he's been going green in his personal life as well.

He said he and his wife are now the proud owners of two hybrid automobiles, a Ford Escape and a Toyota Camry. And they buy wind-generated electricity for their home.

"I never thought there'd come a day when I'd sign up to pay higher utility rates," Street said of his choice to use wind-created power. "We think that's important."

In addition, he said, he has given up the full-sized black van in which he used to travel on city business in favor of another Escape hybrid.

"I've personally been more environmentally conscious," the mayor said.

As part of the Earth Week observance, Street is scheduled to announce a Climate Change Action Plan for the city on Wednesday, following a group walk to work from Eakins Oval to JFK Plaza.

The following day, he will bicycle to work from Memorial Hall before announcing actions to reduce the city's carbon emissions.

By the way, Street has not abandoned his passion for large trucks. He still owns a gas-guzzler, which, he says, he loves but rarely drives.

"It's better to drive a hybrid," he said in answer to a reporter's question, "but it's not immoral to drive a truck."

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