Saturday, April 19, 2014
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It turns out a visit from Bill Clinton isn't the only thing Marjorie Margolies needs to complete her political comeback. More money would help, too - a lot more.
The last thing 73-year-old John DeVos wanted was to be thrown out of a graveyard. But he crouched onto his knees a week ago at Greenmount Cemetery, at the very patch of grass where he had watched them bury his 11-year-old brother in 1948. And with a screwdriver and small spade, he began to poke and dig.
Suit: NJ denied '8THEIST' license plate
Philly Vietnam memorial needs $126K for facelift
MIT honors officer slain after bombs went off
A grandma who shot & killed her 2 young grandkids left a note that said boys' parents didn't deserve them: report.
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