This campaign commercial has been rated: N for Nasty

John Featherman, a perennial candidate for public office, revels in the attention from odd web-only ads. He's at it again, this time getting local radio veteran Ruth Weisberg to strip down to her birthday suit to take pot-shots at U.S. Rep. Bob Brady. 

In the ad, titled "The naked truth about the congressman," a naked Weisberg says "Bob Brady represents one of the poorest congressional districts in our country.  And more of us are poor now. Crime and taxes are rising.  failing schools are wracked by violence. Jobs are vanishing daily. And after 14 years in Congress, Bob Brady really wants to make things better...eventually."

The fact that Weisberg's breasts are barely concealed by a framed photo of Brady and a desk lamp doesn't exactly bolster Featherman's argument but will probably satisfy his need for attention. 

Featherman is unchallenged in the April 24 Republican primary for the 1st Congressional District seat held by Brady since 1998.

Last year, in losing the Republican nomination for mayor to Democratic committeewoman Karen Brown, Featherman put up two such commercials riffing on "stripper politics" and the late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi re-locating to Philadelphia.

You can see Featherman's interview about the ad with's Marnie Hall here.