SugarHouse Casino again to ask for temporary poker room

Guests arrive at the SugarHouse Casino, Sept. 20, 2010. The owners of SugarHouse Casino have formally objected to the scheduled awarding of a second casino license in Philadelphia. ( Tom Gralish / Staff Photographer )

SugarHouse Casino officials will again ask the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to approve a temporary poker room at the state agency's monthly meeting Wednesday.

The poker room, which would contain between 24 and 27 tables according to previously heard plans, would stand in as a temporary addition to the gaming hall on Delaware Avenue while SugarHouse builds out its permanent $155 million expansion.

The gaming board will first hold a public hearing on SugarHouse's poker room proposal at the beginning of the meeting, a PGCB spokesman said. Depending on the outcome of the hearing, the board may then vote on the proposal.

In January, SugarHouse first brought their proposal for the poker room before the state board, which declined at that time to vote, requesting more information on the eventual permanent expansion plan.

The 10 a.m. hearing will be livestreamed through the gaming board's website.