School bus beating caught on video, reportedly in Chester City

A video shows two students being taunted then one getting punched.

  • The bus driver does nothing during the one minute video.
  • The parents of the two say they would like to press charges.

Two students are seen on grainy video being taunted relentlessly for about 30 seconds on a school bus before another student appears and sucker punches one of the victims in the face.

Whoever is holding the video camera then stands up and captures the victim's bloody nose. One of the heartless agitators then says, "Yo, you leaking, cuz."

That's when the victim says, "Let me off the bus."

For some reason, the bus driver refuses to stop the bus. In fact, the driver does nothing during the 1 minute, six second video, which was posted to Facebook on Thursday.

The gut-wrenching attack and lack of involvement by the driver allegedly occurred as the bus drove through the city of Chester, according to a Delaware County Times report. Chester City police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. told the newspaper his department is now investigating.

“Video or no video, I definitely have a problem that this was not reported to the Chester Police Department that day,” Bail told the Times. “I got a problem with any school district trying to cover up or whitewash whatever goes on.”

The parents of the two students from The County Alternative High School in Media — all five students on the bus reportedly attend the school — told the paper they would file charges Monday. The victims are 16 and 17 years old.

The Delaware County Intermediate Unit operates The County Alternative High School. A full-day special education program, it is designed to provide a new educational experience for students who have had difficulties in previous schools.

A message left for Chester police officials Monday evening was not immediately returned.

Below is the video, which could be disturbing to some readers: