Man arrested for shining laser at police helicopter

A man was arrested in Hunting Park shortly after 10 p.m. after shining a laser pointer at the Philadelphia Police Department’s helicopter, requiring the pilot to seek medical attention for pain in his eyes, police said.

Capt. Frank Vanore of the 25th District said the officers in the chopper, who were out on routine patrol at the time, notified his district that someone was shining a laser into the chopper. Officers located the suspect on Sixth Street near Lycoming and arrested him, Vanore said.

The unidentified suspect was transported to East Detectives, where Vanore said he will likely be charged in the incident.

“It’s very dangerous to do that,” Vanore said. “It blinds the pilot and it could cause officers to be injured or someone in the public. They take it very serious, so we’re gonna bring it as a high priority.”