In Delaware, Shore flooded, but Sandy less than feared

Gov. Jack Markell this morning thanked Delaware residents for cooperating with coastal evacuations and keeping off the roads yesterday. Highlights:

We were fortunate to escape the worst of the storm

We have a lot of roads closed in the coastal areas. We have 40,000 homes... without power... mostly in New Castle County [where more than half the state population of 900,000 lives]

Winds subsided overnight. They were less than predicted. 

It was a significant storm. Serious flooding started early on Sunday... Waves literally breaking onto [Delaware not US] Route 1 in Sussex County... There is a lot of sand [on that major highway connecting Rehoboth to Dewey, Bethany, OCMD, all to the south]. Checking [this recently built bridge to see if it has been] undermined.

If you live in one of the flooded areas, don't go back yet. Delaware Emergency Management Agency [will set up a help line practical info health related questions 866-408-1899 noon til 4:30 today also Wed Thu Fri].

A 8:30 I [reduced] level 2 driving restrictions [fines for driving without emergency purpose, etc.] to level 1 [in which] people ought to be cautious. There are not penalties.

Shelters, 970 residents sought refuge, 6 of 7 shelters [allowed] pets. [That's more people in shelters than in all of PA, according to Gov. Corbett up there]

We do still have a lot of roads closed, a lot of people w/o power

Compared to the scope of devastation around us I think we were somewhat fortunate.

We have no estimate of the dollar value damage

[It's safe to go back to work in most of Delaware, Markell added.]