Former NJ cop sentenced in '12 Doylestown mayhem

Richard Klementovich, who barricaded himself in his ex-wife's house in Doylestown Township on Fathers' Day.

Richard Klementovich, 42, was sentenced to eight and a half to 20 years in prison.

  • He exchanged gunfire with Bucks County police in a 10-hour standoff on Father's Day last year.
  • Klementovich ultimately surrendered and was charged with 85 counts of attempted homicide and other charges.

A former cop from northern New Jersey was sentenced today in Bucks County for a day of mayhem in and around his ex-wife's Doylestown home, according to a report.

Richard Klementovich, 42, who had worked as a Clifton police officer and was a trained Army sniper, wanted to go out "suicide by cop", according to reports at the time of the June 2012 rampage.

Klementovich was sentenced to eight and a half to 20 years in prison for the exchange of gunfire with Bucks County police and a 10-hour standoff on Father's Day last year, according to a report on news website PhillyBurbs. Online county court records were not updated to reflect the sentencing yesterday, which PhillyBurbs said was part of a pre-trial plea deal.

His trial was scheduled to begin next month.

“We have always felt that this was a serious and painful cry for help from a person who was very seriously emotionally damaged,” one of Klementovich's defense attorneys, Jeffrey Simms told PhillyBurbs.

Klementovich, in the e-mail to his ex-wife, said he was taking steroids, according to court documents. He apologized to her for his shortcomings.

The couple, who has two children, went through a bitter divorce, authorities said, with Klementovich moving out of the two-story brick house on Bittersweet Drive. On Father's Day, he arranged a family get-together elsewhere, but instead returned to the empty house and reported a "civil dispute" to police, authorities said.

Police found a note in the driveway saying Klementovich was armed with "scoped rifles, 200 rounds of ammunition, he was law enforcement and that he was ready to die," according to court documents.

As neighbors were told to evacuate the area, officers and their police cars were shot at, with one officer suffering a minor wound from shrapnel, police said.

Klementovich ultimately surrendered and was charged with 85 counts of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, assault on police officers, and possessing an instrument of crime.

"I get angry. Angry at this job and law enforcement," Klementovich wrote in e-mail to his ex-wife, Jill Major, according to court documents. "And it's them who I will take out my anger on. They will do the job I couldn't and take my life."

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