Delco mom goes on ‘Family Feud,’ gives birth

Local families were set for game show appearances Monday, Thursday.

Shannin Danquah (right) and husband Kofi (top right) of Aston, Pa., saw baby Adah arrive the day their family competed on an episode of "Family Feud" in Atlanta. With them were members of Allen family, who were also on the show. The show was set to air on the CW in Philadelphia on Feb. 13, 2014.

Two local families will be on Family Feud this week.

  • Shannin Danquah gave birth one day after taping.
  • Monday's show featured the Reed family, most of whom are from Philadelphia.

Oh baby!

Two local families were slated to be on Family Feud this week, including an Aston women who was in quite the family way.

The day after the taping in early July, Shannin Danquah gave birth to her second daughter, Adah.

Tonight’s show, seen locally at 7 on the CW, featured the Reed family, most of whom are from Philadelphia.

“We all had a great time, we had a lot of fun,” with patriarch Steve Reed “the life of the party,” as they joked with host Steve Harvey between crazy questions about naked men and tooth extractions, said Stevena Joseph, captain of the team, which included sisters Sherrie Simpson, and Sabrina and Shayna Reed.

“We laughed a lot with Steve. He was like part of the family,” Joseph said.

“I don't know what they edited out,” she said.

After hearing about auditions in Atlantic City after superstorm Sandy, they decided to “go down and see for fun ... and next thing we know we were getting on the show,” Joseph said.

They studied hard, but folks had to watch to find out if they won, because contestants were sworn to secrecy, she said.

[Update: Alas, the Reed team lost to the Hughes family, despite success with "Name a place you never want to wake up to find yourself." They got three right: Hell (Sabrina), hospital (Steve), jail (Stevina), and Sabrina's second answer, grave, was very close to right one, morgue, which the Hugheses failed to guess. A blog has all the answers.]

On Thursday’s show, it’s the Danquah family, with Shannin, her 6-foot-8 husband Kofi (whom Harvey jokingly called “Crisco”), Kofi’s sisters Judith Danquah and Patience Purnsley, and her husband, Jamar.

They might have had too much of a good time.

Nine months pregnant, Shannin followed her doctor's advice, and she and Kofi took the train, not a plane, to Atlanta.

About seven hours after the late afternoon taping ended, Shannin’s water broke, and, after leaving one hospital in favor of another, the couple welcomed cute little Adah into the world 18 days ahead of schedule.

The scene in the maternity ward was quite the Family Feud affair, with the Allens from Arizona, the competing family on the show, stopping by to share their good wishes.

“Someone was very visibly pregnant on their team, too, so it was like battle of the bellies," said Shannin, a Delaware County juvenile probation officer.

Older daughter Gabrielle was back home then, but loves her little sister, Shannin said.

If the baby had been a boy, would they have named it after Steve Harvey?

“We did actually think about that,” she said.

The families actually taped two shows, to make up for a mixup, but Danqueh didn’t know if both would be broadcast.

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