'Critical' crash patient awakens, goes berserk on medics

Paramedics were treating a man being transported to a local hospital after he was hit by a vehicle on the Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia this morning when the man suddenly began attacking them, according to police.

Police have released few details but have confirmed the assault took place.  The alleged attacker - also the crash victim - is listed as in critical condition.

The incident began about 5:30 a.m. today when emergency personnel responded to a call that a pedestrian was struck on the boulevard at West Berkley Street in Germantown and was in serious condition.

The pedestrian was being transported for treatment when he began attacking two medics as the ambulance was near Erie Avenue, just west of 19th Street. 

Frank Keel, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Firefighters' and Paramedics Local 22, said Medic unit 25 responded to the call. He said the patient not only attacked the medics, but chased a female medic out of the vehicle and down the street. 

The man then tossed an oxygen bottle at the window of Engine 59, jumped in the driver's seat and tried to take off with the fire engine.  However, Keel said the man was dragged out by firefighters.

He was tased with "minimal effect," Keel said, but was eventually subdued.  The man is in now listed as in critical condition.

Check back for details as they develop.