Critic calls Nutter's budget a 'back door tax increase'

Tax policy activist Brett Mandel has weighed in on Mayor Nutter's budget plan with an essay posted on The Philly Post. In his piece, Mandel argues that the city should make the shift to a market value-based assessment system revenue-neutral.

Mandel says: "the Mayor’s proposed back-door tax increase could generate such opposition that it will undermine the critical efforts to make Philadelphia real estate taxation fair and accurate."

Under Nutter's plan, the shift to the "Actual Value Initiative" would effectively make permanent two temporary property tax hikes and would bring in $90 million in additional revenue on top of that next year for the school district. The Nutter administration has argued that this is not a tax hike because they are capturing the rise in real estate values.

For Mandel's full thoughts, click here.