Christie on debate: Told ya so!

Gov. Christie spiked the football this morning after what is now widely seen as a Mitt Romney victory over President Obama in last night's debate.

Christie had raised eyebrows Sunday when he went on three morning shows to declare that the presidential race would be "turned upside down" come Thursday morning -- defying the lower-the-expectations game that the rest of the Romney camp was playing. 

Still not sure if this was a game-changing moment. We'll know more after a few days of polling. But in his call this morning to his favorite cable show, Morning Joe, Christie sounded downright giddy:

"I don't think anybody else was paying attention. Every time Mitt Romney had his back against the wall and they had a debate, he came out and had a game-changing debate -- ask Rick Perry, ask Newt Gingrich...and on Sunday, I just came out and said exactly what I believed, which was I've seen this guy do this before, and I think he's going to do it again. And he did last night...Mitt Romney hit a knockout last night."

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