Bolaris: Looking ahead to Wing Bowl, Super Bowl

A snowy MetLife Stadium, which will host Superbowl XLVIII, after this week's storm. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Here comes the forecast for Philadelphia's Wing Bowl and the Super Bowl in northern New Jersey.

But first let's start with this weekend's forecast. The relentless cold will continue as yet another super cold air mass will invade the region Friday. Temperatures on Friday will strain to reach 20. 

We should bottom out near 6 degrees with a few burbs dropping below zero on Friday. Wind chill will be sub-zero, and with the arrival of the polar punch a few flurries or snow showers possible. 

On Saturday, a fast-moving clipper attached to yet another polar front will produce a band of snow. Right now, I see 1-3 inches possible by Saturday evening with the 3-inch amounts more likely across Bucks and norther Montgomery counties, and the Lehigh Valley. The Poconos could see 2-4 inches. 

Sunday will be cold and dry in the 20s.

There's been some chatter about a Monday snowstorm, but I do not see that. It should remain dry and cold.

Wing Bowl 22

The 94 WIP SportsRadio Wing Bowl, a day of debauchery and high jinx with some big bad boys and their sexed-up entourages competing for the HONOR of Wing Bowl Champion, will be held on Friday, Jan. 31. If you have never experienced this event at the sold-out Wells Fargo Center, some would say you're not a true Philadelphian. It's our city's Mardi Gras, with folks lining up at 4 a.m. and the party continuing through the day and night.

For the first time, a pro athlete will enter the mix. Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles is in. Rumor has it the beard will go, as you can hide many uneaten wings in the beard of a pro.

My pick is Jason as YOU GOTTA GO WITH THE PRO!

Weatherwise (although most would not even notice), it should be dry as a coastal system should at this time remain well off the coast. Will watch just in case.

Howard Stern's birthday bash falls on the same day as Wing Bowl so debauchery and flat-out super fans will rock the Big Apple. Jan. 31st might go down as one of the biggest party days in the nation. The combination of a Howard Stern bash and Wing Bowl should be something NASA should survey from above.

I scared Howard yesterday, indicating on his show that his birthday bash could feature some snow, but no worries now, Howard, computer models have backed off.

Super Bowl

Their has been much talk about a possible snowstorm as The Farmers Almanac (which actually has been doing fairly well this year) has targeted a major east coast snowstorm that would greatly impact the Super Bowl.

As of today, it does not look like that forecast will come to fruition as computer models are suggesting, at this time, a dry and cold day in the 20s. Some hinting of a chance of some snow the day prior, but that system is not looking major.

Will keep you all posted on these two mega events.

John Bolaris