Drunk, obnoxious US Airways passenger charged

The drunk and unruly passenger who allegedly groped three women aboard a US Airways flight to London in May was charged today by information with interference with a flight crew, according to federal prosecutors.

Robert Coppack, 40, was aboard Flight 728 from Philadelphia on May 13 when he became “extremely intoxicated” drinking vodka, according to court papers.  After “inappropriately touching” several women, he was taken to the rear of the plane where federal air marshals on board confronted him. The marshals handcuffed Coppack to a seat after he allegedly threatened them. The flight returned to Philadelphia to deposit Coppack with the FBI, causing a five hour delay.

A charge by information usually indicates that a defendant has waived the right to be indicted by a grand jury and has agreed to plead guilty.  The information filed today alleges that Coppack intimidated and assaulted crew and flight attendants and interfered with their duties and performance.

During a hearing on May 20, Coppack agreed to undergo a treatment at a mental health, drug and alcohol addiction facility in Kennett Square. A dual citizen of the U.S. and the United Kingdom, Coppack also agreed to surrender his passports.