Felony charges are pending against a Kensington man arrested over the weekend in a cockfighting raid, the Pennsylvania SPCA said Monday.

A preliminary hearing for Hiram Oquendo, 52, is set for July 2, the SPCA said. The agency identified Oquendo as the owner of a cockfighting ring.

Early Saturday, officers from the SPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Unit and Philadelphia police raided a home on the 2900 block of E Street, where they found a cockfight in progress, the SPCA said. Cockfighting paraphernalia was taken from the scene, as were 18 live roosters and one dead one. All of the live birds were badly hurt, and none survived, the SPCA said.

"Cockfighting is a brutal crime against birds," said Jerry Buckley, chief executive of the Pennsylvania SPCA. "It is not entertainment. These chickens died as a result and we will seek justice against Oquendo." - Inquirer staff