Radnor man charged with waving pellet gun near school

A Radnor Township man has been charged with disorderly conduct after waiving a pellet gun out of a car window near Radnor High School.

Brice Sydnor, 18, a student at the school was also charged with possessing a replica firearm, a violation of Radnor Township code. Both charges are summary offense and subject to fines up to $300.

Sydnor was in a car driving west on Lancaster when he pointed the gun out the window and was spotted by another motorist who alerted police. Sydnor never pointed the pellet gun at anyone, said Radnor Det. T. J. Schreiber.

"Basically, he was fooling around with friends," said Schreiber.

Sydnor was found by patrol officers eating at 5Guys Burgers and Fries on East Lancaster Avenue in Wayne. Sydnor admitted to what he did and was cooperative with police, Schreiber said.

On Tuesday, Radnor High School was briefly in lockdown after the incident as a precaution. Police did not ask the school to go into lockdown.

- Mari A. Schaefer