Neshaminy School District teachers on Monday ended a six-month work-to-contract action in which teachers refused to perform extra duties, such as writing college recommendation letters, attending back-to-school nights and decorating classrooms.

"We have proven our point," Louise Boyd, president of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers, said in a statement. "Through work-to-contract, the district and community realize the invaluable role teachers and education professionals have in our school district."

Teachers have been working without a new contract for two-and-a-half years. But the work slowdown may have backfired. A small group of fed-up parents picketed on Saturday.

School board president Ritchie Webb said he hopes the teachers realize their extra-duty boycott "was the wrong thing to do."

Even though work-to-contract is legal, it "is certainly not right when it impacts 9,000 children," he said.

   - Kathy Boccella