No turkey: ‘Enchanted’ stuffs Disney’s till

Audiences this holiday weekend were simply enchanted with Enchanted, the Disney princess adventure that makes fun of princess adventures. The family comedy grossed $50 million over the five-day Thanksgiving weekend.

Enchanted had the second-best five-day Thanksgiving debut ever, behind the $80.1 million haul of Disney's Toy Story 2. Disney released all five of the top-grossing movie debuts over Thanksgiving, with Unbreakable, A Bug's Life and 101 Dalmatians trailing Toy Story 2 and Enchanted.

But the big winner this Thanksgiving may have been the family reunion comedy This Christmas. Playing on about half as many screens as Enchanted, the Sony Screen Gems film earned $27.1 million from Wednesday to Sunday.

This Christmas average a better-than-Enchanted $10,011 at each of its theaters from Friday to Sunday. Enchanted made most of its magic from Friday to Sunday, when it earned $35.3 million.

For the first time since the twin debuts of Bee Movie and American Gangster, the weekend box office was up over last year. Thanksgiving 2007 topped Thanksgiving 2006 - not with more big hits but with more titles that surpassed the $10 million mark.

After being pummeled from the top spot, the animated epic poem Beowulf placed third, earning $16.2 million from Friday to Sunday; and $23.3 million from Wednesday to Sunday.

The video-game adaptation Hitman came in fourth ($13 million, Friday-Sunday; $21 million, Wednesday-Sunday). August Rush, the family drama about an orphaned musical prodigy, finished seventh ($9.4 million, Friday-Sunday; $13.3 million, Wednesday-Sunday).

The Stephen King adaptation The Mist premiered in ninth-place with $9.1 million for the weekend and $13 million since Wednesday.

Expanding nationwide after two weeks in limited release, Miramax's No Country for Old Men came in at No. 10 with $8.1 million, raising its total to $16.6 million.


Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Media By Numbers LLC. Final figures will be released Monday.

1. Enchanted, $35.3 million.

2. This Christmas, $18.6 million.

3. Beowulf, $16.2 million.

4. Hitman, $13 million.

5. Bee Movie, $12 million.

6. Fred Claus, $10.7 million.

7. August Rush, $9.4 million.

8. American Gangster, $9.2 million.

9. The Mist, $9.1 million.

10. No Country for Old Men, $8.1 million.

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