Xfinity increases content for kids

A scene from the 3-D movie "How to Train Your Dragon." DreamWorks Animation began holding screenings of the film for academy members in March.

Comcast has upped its offerings for children for about a month, not only with more movies and TV show episodes, but more ways to watch.

Xfinity’s “Summer of Kids,” which began Monday and runs through Aug. 4, even allows subscribers to download some titles for viewing within two weeks through such networks as Sprout, Kabillion, Starz, MoviePlex, Showtime, Encore, and Xfinity’s premium streaming service, Streampix.

“What you have access to does depend on what your subscription level is,” explained spokeswoman  Jennifer Bilotta.

 Whatever the level, more kids’ content is promised at no additional cost.

As before, there will be charges for some on-demand movies, though the selection should be greater.

There’s also discounted movie deal, as well. Families can vote at Xfinity TV’s Facebook from such titles as Babe, How to Train Your Dragon, or Monsters, Inc., to watch over a weekend.

To access the added content on a TV, customers can click the “On Demand” or “Xfinity” button on their remote, and then look for the “Summer of Kids” subsection, Bilotta said.

On tablet, laptop or other device, download the free Xfinity app,  she said.

Those devices can get online in more places as well from July 15 to 31, as thousands of Xfinity hotspots will be available for free.  Hop on by going to or by downloading the Xfinity wifi app, which helps locate nearby hotspots.

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