Will Smith liplocks son Jaden on Thai TV

These three images happened within two seconds, showing how brief the kiss was that Will Smith playfully planted on his son on a TV show in Thailand. The sequence was upper left, center a second later, bottom right a second after that.

Hooo boy.

No matter how you describe this one, it'll raise questions and give impressions that may or may not be fair.

This much is evident, judging from a YouTube video of an interview on Thai TV:

Will Smith does indeed plant a kiss on son Jaden's lips.

In fact, the West Philly-raised actor grabs his son's head and forcibly puts their lips together, despite Jaden's resistance.

For an instant.

Jaden, who costars in After Earth with his dad, leaps off the couch and hollers, "Oh God! This is ridiculous! That hasn't happened in so long!"

See the video, "Will Smith: 'I can kiss my son.' "

The full YouTube video includes a clip of Will trying unsuccessfully to do something similar when they were on Ellen.

"Harmless fun or creepy?" asks Billy Niles of zap2it.com in his version of the story.

Well, it sure comes across as creepy when there's a headline that says, "Will Smith 'French kisses' 14-year-old son Jaden,' describes the kiss as a "big wet one," and quotes the interviewer, Woody Milintachinda, host of the Bankok-based "The Woody Show," as "later" calling the kiss "a frenchie."

Actually, the kiss was as brief as such a kiss could be, with Jaden immediately escaping. It wasn't a lingering kiss, despite impressions a still photograph might give.

The three images in the accompaning photo -- head apart, kiss, heads apart -- all happened in two seconds, according to the time counter on the video.

The zap2it piece also gives the impression the kiss came out of nowhere in response to a request for Will do "something he's never done on television."

Actually, Milintachinda clearly mentions on the full video how "there's a distance in terms of affection" between the father and son in After Earth, and asks, "Is it like that at home?"

"Nah," says Jaden.

Will: "Nah, we’re very affectionate. We're very affectionate."  he said, reaching toward Jaden’s arm before grabbing his neck and chin and planting the kiss.

For an instant.

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