Wednesday, August 6, 2014
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U.S. Olympian Kate Hansen a draw - for 'Beyonce' warmup

American Kate Hansen's performances at the Olympics have gone viral - but not necessarily because of her ability on the luge.

In fact, Hansen failed to medal.

It was her unorthodox warmup before luge runs that got people watching.  Hansen jams dance moves as part of her routine just before a race. She wears headphones, leaving many to wonder what she's dancing too.

But the California native says she knows all of Beyonce's moves "by heart" and wears "spandex for a living."  She has a Beyonce playlist that she says "gets me fierce."

“Honestly, in my world, I don’t care who’s staring,” the 21-year-old Brigham Young student is quoted as saying in the Los Angeles Times. “I’m still going to dance.”

Videos of her pre-race ritual have been viewed worldwide, and the Russian crowd even chanted, “Dance! Dance! Dance!,” as she completed her final run Tuesday.  Hansen finished 10th.

She has her detractors. NBC commentator Duncan Kennedy, a former Olympian and the U.S. Luge Association’s technical director, made note that he'd like to see Hansen use a more sports-specific routine.

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