Tough doc: Fights off shark, stitches self, gets beer

A New Zealand doctor said he was attacked by a shark, possibly 10 feet long, which he then battled away with a knife, then went on shore, stitched himself up then hit a pub for a much-needed beer.

James Grant told Radio New Zealand he was spearfishing near Colac Bay on the southern coast of New Zealand on Saturday when the attack occurred, according to various media reports.

Grant felt the shark chomp into his leg.

"(I thought) bugger, now I have to try and get this thing off my leg," he recounted in an interview on Radio New Zealand.

So Grant pulled out a small knife he had with him and fought off the sevengill shark. He says he didn't get a good look at the shark, but sevengills can grow to 10 feet with a jaw almost eight inches across.

Grant swam to shore and stitched his wounds with a first aid kit he kept with him. He and friends, not keen to go back in the water, instead went to the Colac Bay Tavern. Grant got a beer and a bandage that kept his blood from spotting the floor.

Ironically, there was a fishing competition being held at the bar. Grant surmised he might have won it if he had managed to kill the shark.