Stay away from killer drug 'Black Dahlia'

Black Dahlia
Don't inject this

Delaware County's Heroin Task Force is urging people to avoid the drug stamped "Black Dahlia," which is sold in a small blue packet like heroin, but is actually pure Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid.

A tad too much and you might as well call your own hearse before you nod off for good.

Dr. Fredric Hellman, the county's medical examiner, said toxicology results returned yesterday indicate that the recent death of a 30-year-old Marcus Hook woman was cause by injecting Black Dahlia.

“These drugs are manufactured in clandestine labs by criminals, and every single packet has the potential to kill the user,” warned District Attorney Jack Whelan. “Those who believe they are purchasing heroin end up with a much more dangerous drug that is 100 percent pure and, when ingested, rapidly shuts down the central drive for breathing, resulting in death.”

Sadly, word of such a potent drug will no doubt prompt some hardcore addicts to seek Black Dahlia. We urge them to reconsider.