State Rep. Bud George lets his collegues have it over budget

Camille “Bud” George, the plain-talking state representative from Clearfield County, has never been one to mince words.

Through closed doors today, he could be heard scolding his fellow House Democrats as they caucused at the Capitol for the first time on details of a tentative budget their leaders agreed to 11 days ago.

George, whose legislative tenure dates back to the 1970s, stormed out of that meeting, but let his colleagues have it again when a reporter asked him to recap what he had just said in private.

“Shame on these legislators who are shirking their responsibilities. We ought to do what is right and pass the budget now,” he said. “Both Republicans and Democrats have an obligation to get a budget done, and if they can’t make their point by a certain time, then they shouldn’t be here.”

Today marks the 91st day Pennsylvania has operated without a compete budget – the only state in the nation still without one in place.

George supports Gov. Rendell’s come-and-gone proposal to fill the state’s budget hole by temporarily increasing the personal income tax by 16 percent.

And he ripped his colleagues for not supporting an excise tax on smokeless tobacco and cigars.

“Which of these legislators have ever bought their own cigars. They don’t smoke them if someone doesn’t give them to them first,” he joked.

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