Snow: 2013-14 now in Top 10

If Philadelphia had winter of Hall of Fame for snow and mayhem, we wouldn’t hesitate to enshrine the 1957-58 season.

That one featured a surprise snowstorm in early December, a crippling blizzard in February, and a snowstorm at the spring equinox that remains in the PECO top 10 for power outages.

But purely for snow, Sunday’s surprisingly robust snowfall, which finished at an official 2.7 inches in Philadelphia, knocked that winter out of 10th place.

The 2013-14 total now stands at 43.3 inches, and based on the forecast, it has a shot at entering the top 5 by daybreak Thursday.

We were amazed to see that the National Weather Service has posed a first-estimate for snow accumulations, putting Philadelphia in the bull’s-eye for 6 to 8 inches by 7 a.m. Thursday, with more possible afterward.

One leitmotif we’ve seen this winter is that storms have tended to generate more snow that models had suggested.

While that might sound ominous, we’ll also point out that if a law of averages actually exists, sooner or later one of these days the models have to over-estimate amounts.

Here is the top 10 seasonal snowfall list:

  1.        78.7              2009-10 

  2.        65.5              1995-6

  3.        55.4              1898-9

  4.        54.9              1977-8

  5.        49.1              1960-1

  6.        46.3              2002-3

  7.        44.3              1966-7

  8.        43.9              1917-8

  8.        43.8              1904-5

 10.        43.3              2013-14