'Sliders’ steal from cars as you pump gas

Across the country, purses are getting snatched in seconds.

Thieves now brazenly steal while you're pumping gas.

It's been happening across the country, from Florida to Texas to Kentucky to Washington, D.C., according to reports on NBC's Today and ABC's Good Morning America

Women seem to be primary targets in what are usually drive-by purse-snatchings.

While a driver's at the rear of the vehicle focusing on pumping gas, a car pulls up on the passenger side -- nothing unusual at a gas station -- and the thief quickly gets out, creeps over, opens the front passenger door and grabs the goods.

Cell phones, laptops, wallets and other valuables could also be at risk.

The crime's been dubbed "sliding" because the perp "slides" below eye level to avoiding being seen, according to a Houston police officer.

Sometimes thieves just reach in through open windows.

Either keep valuables on your person as you pump, or lock the passenger side doors, authorities recommend.

The crime's so new, a Philadelphia Police spokesperson had never heard of any cases.

If you've been a victim of sliding, or know someone who has been, contact staff writer Peter Mucha at 215-854-4342 or pmucha@phillynews.com.