Report: $338M Powerball winner sued by girlfriend reconciles with her

Pedro Quezada, the winner of the $338 million Powerball jackpot, holds up a promotional check in a news conference at New Jersey Lottery headquarters.

The mother of his child. A co-owner with him in a corner grocery. His girlfriend for the last decade.

None of that apparently added up to a share in the $338 million a Passaic, N.J., man won in a Powerball lottery drawing last spring. After state and federal income taxes, he probably cleared about $116 million.

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But following a court battle brewed over the last few months between former live-in partners Inez Sanchez and Pedro Quezada, Sanchez agreed to drop a lawsuit filed in state Superior Court.

According to a newspaper report, the two have patched up a wound initially opened by greed and seemingly healed by love — though not before both Quezada and Sanchez suffered.

“He went from having all of this family and no money to having all of this money and no family,” Quezada's attorney, Paul Fernandez told the Bergen Record.

Sanchez, the paper reported, has moved back into the house she shared with Quezada before the lottery lawsuit along with their child and two of Sanchez's other children. She decided she wanted to get on with her life, the paper reported.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.