Rendell: Zimmerman jury probably 'did the right thing'

Ed Rendell (Staff Photo)

The jury deciding the fate of George Zimmerman made the right call, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell says.

Rendell tweeted this morning that the verdict was "very sad" and "Zimmerman was at fault for starting the chain of events" that led to the fatal shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in February 2012.

But the former Philadelphia mayor and district attorney added that the jury probably "did the right thing based on facts presented" and Florida law.

In the wake of jury's Saturday night not-guilty verdict for Zimmerman, protesters, public officials and other leaders have expressed disappointment. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter issued a statement saying he believed "the jury should have exacted a penalty."

Legal analysts, however, were not surprised by the verdict and say prosecutors didn't prove their case that Zimmerman committed second-degree murder.