Rendell finds the G Lounge

Ed Rendell might be 70 years old, but he's proved time and again that he's young at heart. 

Speaking at a "Young Philly is Ready for Hillary" event last night, the former mayor and governor didn't disappoint the crowd of more than 200 aspiring politicos. 

After a speech lauding Hillary and describing how he took a smartphone photo with a cardboard cutout of the former secretary of state, he parted with a story. 

Rendell said he had just come from a different event for the same Ready for Hillary "super PAC," hosted by Democratic moneyman Alan Kessler. He encouraged the folks there to come to the young professionals event, which was hosted by Kessler's son, Dan, at the G Lounge. 

He recounted to the youngins that he accidentally told the older crowd, "You're all welcome to join us across the street at the g-spot." 

Rendell said in his remarks that Clinton hasn't made up her mind and may very well sit out the 2016 race, noting that her celebrity is such that she can effect major change without having to endure the brutal campaign process. 

Asked afterward if he would bet that she will or will not run, Rendell said, "She probably will." 

"But remember what I said, she has the ability to have an exciting life driving issues all over the world, so she doesn’t have to run for president to be relevant," he said. "And politics these days is a horribly pressurized dirty business. She might not want to go back into that cauldron."