Pittsburgh wedding ends in bloody brawl, multiple arrests

Pittsburgh's Station Square. (Photo via iStock)

Yinzers, man — they just can't be expected to act right. Not even in the presence of true love. 

Pittsburgh today brings us news that a weekend wedding at Station Square ended with police arresting three men — groom included — following a bloody brawl. Reports indicate that the groom, Mark Williams, set off the fight after he allegedly attempted to woo a pregnant reception worker and challenged her boyfriend to a fist fight. 

As with all presumably drunken endeavors, the details on this one are tough to a little hazy. But here's what we know for sure:


  • At some point after midnight on Saturday, it reportedly dawned on Williams that it was not only a good idea, but his god-given duty, to hit on a waitress as a newly married man.
  • He began getting "touchy-feely" with the reception worker, and even allegedly attempted to force the pregnant woman to drink alcohol.
  • Her boyfriend, Tyler Smith, didn't take kindly to that behavior.
  • Fight! 


CBS Pittsburgh fills in the details: 

At that time, Smith allegedly confronted Williams about his actions and a physical altercation began.

Police say Williams' brother, David Williams, 35, eventually got involved and became aggressive with police.

A fourth man, Brian Taylor, 31, punched his hand through the front passenger window of a car nearby. He was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital for treatment. 

Taylor, for his part, was taken away by Pittsburgh police while yelling that he was HIV positive and resisting arrest. The cops apparently knew that trick, though, as Taylor joined Williams and his brother David in Allegheny County Jail following the ordeal.

So, all in all, just another day of joyous matrimony in the 'Burgh.