More trouble for W. Philly abortion doc

Kermit B. Gosnell, the abortion doctor whose West Philadelphia clinic is at the center of horrific malpractice allegations, has to appear at an emergency suspension hearing tomorrow before the Delaware Boad of Medical Practices.

Gosnell, 69, has been licensed as a physician in Delaware since 1994, said James Collins, the director of the Division of Professional Regulations, which oversees numerous state agencies, including the medical board.

Collins said Delaware authorities have been in touch with Pennsylvania Department of Health investigators who suspended Gosnell's license last week after they labeled his West Philly practice "an immediate and clear danger to the public."

Collins said "it's likely" that the Delaware medical board will suspend Gosnell's license tomorrow after they finish reviewing evidence that's been gathered by Pennsylvania authorities. He added that it was unclear if Gosnell has an office in Delaware.

Gosnell's West Philly clinic, the Women's Medical Society, at 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue, has been linked to the deaths of two women who had abortions there. The clinic was raided by the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration on Feb. 18. Since then, numerous allegations of botched abortions have come to light.

Records show that Gosnell has been the subject of 46 civil lawsuits over the years, though not all have been related to malpractice allegations.