Mega Millions jackpot is game's 5th biggest ever

The Mega Millions jackpot for March 14, 2014, was initially set as $353 million for the annuity, $194 million for the cash.

The Mega Millions jackpot is the game's fifth biggest ever, after no one matched all the numbers drawn Tuesday night.

They were: 9, 14, 56, 57 and 69, with a Mega Ball of 10.

Two tickets came close, winning $1 million each, for matching the first five numbers, but not the Mega Ball. They were sold in Texas and Washington State.

The new jackpot, for Friday's drawing, is $353 million for the annuity, and $194 million for the cash, topped by only a half-dozen other jackpot runs.

For any U.S. lottery, the annuity is No. 12, the cash No. 15. That includes Powerball and Mega Millions' precursor, the Big Game.

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Mega Millions drastically altered its setup in October, lengthening the odds of winning by 50 percent (1 chance in 256 million for a single ticket) and reconfiguring its annuity, which boosted the most-advertised number relative to the cash. (See: "Mega Millions jackpot: Artificially sweetened?")

After the changes, a jackpot rose to No. 2 all-time, $648 million, with the fourth biggest cash prize ever, $347.6 million.

So this jackpot could be a rollover or two from rocketing to that orbit, possibly setting up a record run this month.

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